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12 Week Coaching Intensive


Have you ever felt you:

  • Can't find or steal the time to get a better life?
  • Can't stick to discipline or form habits that will make you successful in your goals?
  • Start things well, but have trouble finishing projects?
  • Don't laugh enough or can't make time to relax and have fun?
  • Lack confidence to pursue what you truly want?
  • Missed the window for having a career you love?
  • Don't know what you want, even though you're really not happy?
  • Have lost track of a sense of meaning and possibility?

You're not alone. Listen to how my clients felt before the program:



Most people are disconnected from what would really make them happy. Getting to what matters, taking USEFUL actions and actually making a life we love happen, feels blasphemous, selfish, or just plain impossible, given the lives we've already created. Commitments, circumstances, finances - these become mountains too high to climb, even if there is something different we can admit that we want beyond what we already have.

“The program really helped me to see what dreams I had given up on, and to then put those dreams back on the table.”

I know I can help you get over mountains of cynicism, sticky circumstances and quiet frustration. But don't take my word for it. Here's what the most recent program participants have to say to you:







SELF-STUDY - ONLY $49/month*

Do prefer SELF-STUDY options and a discounted rate? You can participate in the program for ONLY $49/month. 

You will get all the call recordings and a half-hour private session with Melissa at the end of the course.

*Access to weekly office hours and active participation in the LIVE calls, NOT included in this option.

One payment of $147


Three payments of $49

(This is a GREAT OPTION if you are faint of funds or highly independent.)




ONLY $3,500!*

One payment of $3,500


Three payments of $1195


Interested but have questions?
CLICK HERE to request more info or a call from our office.

*Access to weekly office hours and active participation in the LIVE calls, ARE included in this option.

This option does NOT include guaranteed weekly private sessions w/Melissa.


VIP Program

ONLY $5,900!*

For the fast-tracking FINISHER who craves guaranteed, one-on-one juicy, private coaching time with Melissa weekly, guest passes to LIVE events, along with all the goodies in Option 2 above.

(Please email Melissa if you are interested in this package. Space is limited.)



The FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED Private and Group Intensives were designed to put people back on track to possibility in their lives. This new and powerful process catapults clients out of an approximate life filled with dissatisfying or hollow "successes" and a sense of incompletion, and into a life of meaningful victories. I can't wait for you to finally experience the program's magic! The transformative material I've created and collected for this intense, unique coaching program, gave my life a profound sense of calm and control, and put me squarely back on track to FINISHING WHAT I STARTED when I started my adult life. And it's done the same for others! I know it can do the same for you.

How It Works:
In the FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED Group Intensive you will get plenty of coaching. You will have one scheduled coaching call each week for 12 weeks. Each call is an hour in length. In addition, there will be scheduled office hours for you to take advantage of should you need any individual support. Finally, with Melissa's proven Finishing Friend System, you will gain crucial, world-class accountability and exponentially increase the depth, quality, and longevity of your results.

In every session, Melissa will dig deep into her treasure trove of business and personal development tools, information, techniques, and resources, to assist you in removing the obstacles that have kept you from FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED. Step by step you will remove those obstacles, get into action and start experiencing SATISFYING SUCCESS. Every session closes with group exercises or assignments designed to get each participant out of his or her own way, and on a clear path to the success they crave. Additionally, coaching assignments are given throughout the session during flash coaching with individual participants. From overcoming fears, useless beliefs and troublesome habits, to removing distractions, creating success strategies and implementing customized action plans, you won't just be talking about what you want to do...you'll actually be doing it. (A $1200 value!)

The power of three: the FWYS Group Intensive employees 3 different sources of accountability to ensure participants are supported and in action on the road to their goals and dreams. 1. PEERS - You will be sharing your achievements and challenges with others in small group. Having others know your progress is powerful on its own! 2. FINISHING FRIENDS - The program will introduce you to the idea of wider support and the value of asking for help in the form of a Finishing Friend. This unique partnering system alone is worth the price of admission. Listen to the Info Call to learn more. 3. YOUR COACH - Melissa McFarlane not only helps you to identify your Life Goals, but she remembers them, reminds you of them and holds you accountable to them through every minute of the program. Accountability keeps you radically on-track to FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED. Electric Kites is dedicated to your progress and staying on top of your commitments is a crucial part of that. (A $1200 value!)

Optional Office Hours:
Every Friday, between 2-3pm Melissa will make time available to coach participants through personal roadblocks, strategies and actions. Unheard of access to Melissa is yours to schedule for FREE! Time is scheduled according to two criteria: 1. First come, first served, and 2. Rotating to the participant who has coached least in the line-up of those asking. You may schedule up to 2 coaching sessions per month, provided a less-served participant is not asking for time. Sessions are 1/2 hour in length. (A $1,100 value - 6 private sessions maximum)


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Fellow participants who attend The Group Intensive sessions are the cream of the crop; like you, they are hungry, committed, and ready to take FINISHING ACTIONS that will contribute more than anything else they've done in the past, to their ultimate happiness and success. Like you, they understand exactly what's at stake if they don't play full out, and they need the accountability just as much as you do. This special group of super-charged players will be an important part of your success in your 12 week sprint to FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. Your FINISH-LINE Group is an instrumental part of the program and your success. Not only will your group help you build self confidence and strength as you overcome obstacles, but you, too, will experience extraordinary breakthroughs as you motivate and contribute to others.


The FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED Group Intensive is a 12 week romp through all things YOU. You will learn why you aren't satisfied yet, and what to do about it. You will get completely clear about what has to happen to make you happy before you die. You will take action, let go of dead weight, and finally get on the path to FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED when you started your big adult life. If you are even a little bit:

  • Bored
  • Resistent to change but fed up with your status quo
  • Procrastinating
  • Unmotivated
  • Uh..not rich
  • Rich but unhappy, or
  • Just plain yearning for more...



(It's a teleclass: All sessions happen by phone - easy to do, hard to deny, no matter your schedule. Every week you'll rev up...while calming down.)


Mondays, 9:00am - 10:15am (Pacific Time)

Click here for your time zone

Starts June 28th, 2010

(Did you miss the deadline? Curious about how to get your own FWYS 12 Week Intensive started NOW? Call Melissa: 818.729.7872)

All calls are recorded and available for a limited time in case you have to miss one or just want to review.



CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 12 PEOPLE (How else are we gonna get anything done?) So, you might wanna register, um...now!

Did you know Electric Kites has a guarantee?  If for some odd reason you don't find value in the program, we'll happily give you back your money. All of it.  So, jump in, you've got nothin' to lose...and a whole lot to gain!


Be one of the few, the fulfilled...the FINISHED!



Melissa McFarlane
Creator of the FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED 12 Week Group Intensive

Electric Kites Success Coaching




$3,500 VALUE FOR ONLY $1200!

One payment of $1200(SAVE OVER 50%)


Three payments of $415



Interested but have questions?
CLICK HERE to request more info or a call from our office.

Full Testimonials from clients who are FINISHING WHAT THEY STARTED:

When I first got the e-mail about the FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED 12 Week Coaching Intensive, I immediately knew that this was a course that I needed to be a part of. I thought to myself, “Wow! I'll finally learn how to finish a project all the way through without stopping.” I had no idea that the course would turn out to be so much more. When we first started and Melissa outlined what we were going to be doing in the course, I still looked at the class as a sort of tool box to finishing individual tasks. It wasn’t until I got through the first worksheet that everything started to click for me. This wasn’t about learning how to complete a task, this was about how to complete your LIFE! It was a huge revelation. I had never looked at my life in those terms before and it made so much sense; and it explained why there was so much frustration and dysfunction in my life previously. I was literally putting my time and effort into the exact things that went against my Life Goals. I took a huge look at my life and how I was leading it and decided to Feng Shui my life according to my Life Goals. Melissa talked about finding peace through this course, instead of feeling behind or overwhelmed. I can’t express enough how valid this was, in my experience. I have found such a peace in the direction I am headed. I re-arranged my priorities, my job, and my entire life course I was on so that it pointed in the direction of my Life Goals. What a difference this has made! Not only do I think differently, but people have also begun to notice this huge change in me, and this change happened naturally. I didn’t pre-meditate it, I didn’t try to change, the change just happened, when I focused on what really matters to me in my life. There is a peace a joy and a happiness there that I wish everyone could have; without FWYS I would still be going down roads that are in direct opposition to my inner-most desires. In this course I took the time out for myself to really sit down and ask my heart what I wanted and needed. That seemed like such a simple task, yet had been so easily dismissed in my life. I got to know what I really want to achieve in my lifetime and I bravely followed Melissa’s road map to making these goals come to pass. Some of the tasks were, quite frankly, scary, such as asking people to mentor me. It was scary at first, but now I don’t feel afraid at all to ask for help. It is such a valuable and easy thing to do and so many of us are just afraid to ask for that helping hand in our lives because we simply can’t do this alone. I found myself doing my homework ahead of time and making time for myself daily, despite my inner distracter telling me to avoid it. I did it anyway and hushed that distracter. I gave myself a chance to speak instead of letting others speak for me, instead of approved images and societal norms speaking for me. For the first time in my life, I said, “Yes” to me. I think the best lesson I learned from the course among all others was to give myself permission to live the life I want; I saw clearly that I can have the life I want, and have some control over my life, where before I didn’t feel like I had any at all. Thank-you Melissa for creating such an amazing course; the price of this course is a just penny to what it is truly worth to me in my life. I want to continue taking this course for the rest of my life for all the benefits and help it brings to me!


I was very fortunate to do the FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED 12 Week Coaching Intensive with Melissa. Before the meetings started, I was often finding myself in a stalled state asking myself, “Okay, now what?” My whole purpose was becoming an unanswered question. Approaching fifty, I felt there was nothing to look forward to. I needed a jump start.

The program gave me just that. Melissa had such a way with words; it went beyond boosting the group or cheerleading. Melissa had a practical perspective or action to answer any doubt I was experiencing. Before the group, I was having trouble being brave enough to make phone calls and connections that could help me progress with my film making endeavors. Within the first two sessions, I was making those calls. And they paid off! I now have a very reputable sales rep for my first feature and an offer for international distribution rights. If it weren’t for Melissa’s guidance, I’d still be sitting in coffee shops thinking, “I should do something about my dreams…but what?”


If you require an alternate payment plan, or you'd rather not pay via PayPal, just email us.  And if money is the only reason you're not signing up right now, call us and we'll see if you have a llama to trade...or something else that's valuable to us: 818.729.7872. (Did you know Electric Kites has a guarantee? If for some odd reason you don't find value in the program, we'll happily give you back your money. All of it. So, jump in, you've got nothin' to lose...and a whole lot to gain.)