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Corporate Testimonials
“I learned some great leadership and managerial skills that I’m looking forward to using when I get back. The brainstorming and goal setting was really helpful, too. Really, the day was perfect. Thank you!”
- Ronia Tan, Controller, WestEd


"Electric Kites Success Coaches are extremely gifted and have a nurturing, and supportive -- but no-nonsense -- approach to facilitating meaningful change. They are an asset to any individual or business seeking a higher level experience."
- Diane A. Golden, Partner - Katz, Golden, Sullivan & Rosenman, LLP

"Booz Allen hired a consulting company to study the return on its coaching program. The benefits were $3.3 million in a year 2003, while the coaching for the participants cost $414,310. The return on investment was 689 percent."
- The Washington Post 11/9/04


"Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hopefulness with people with disabilities. You will have a long lasting effect on the people’s lives you have touched. And thank you for helping me to find the path to my talent and hope. It’s amazing what great options come my way each day."
– Sherry Beamer, Sherry Beamer and Assoc.


"Everyone is excited the event yesterday and their individual coaching beforehand. We are definitely seeing positive changes here. Thank you so much!"
- Evan Mader, President. Mader News, Inc.


"The Workshop was a powerhouse day and the team left with clear goals, accountability partners and a new found commitment to positivity and productivity ... and now I've learned that the sales went up! The day created a lasting results. I highly recommended Electric Kites."
- Ken Southall, District Sales Manager. Citysearch, Inc.


Workshop Testimonials
“The EK Workshop exceeded my expectations. It allowed my team to articulate goals and structure a process to achieve goals.”
-Ronna Goldstein, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Oakwood Worldwide.


“You will never know how powerful our evening together was. It changed my life”
- Adora English, Partner, Media Savvy (Producer fo TV Guide and The John Edward Show)


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Individual Testimonials

"I am just reflecting before I go to bed how thankful I am to have you guys in my life. The "10ness" of my life has direct lineage to you and the work we have done together."
– Tish Hicks, Producer, Voice Over Artist, Actress


"Melissa McFarlane listened with spirit and deep compassion to my hopes, fears, and failures. She then, with great care and precision, gave me an amazing set of tools for realizing my life's potential and empowered me to embark on my path. These tools should be shared with the world."
– Sherry Myers, Author, Screenwriter, Producer


"Coaching with you has been an amazing life changing experience for me. I’ve accomplished BIG things in bigger ways than I ever imagined."
– Dr. Arlene Malinowski


"After several years of building my business, and several years of feeling stuck with nowhere to go, I have opened my own studio. I feel refreshed and energized and excited about the new challenges ahead. My Coach helped me get out of my own way and reminded me that I have much to be proud of..."
- Laura Mulrenan, Piltes Instructor and Pilate Studio Owner

“You opened the curtains to my consciousness, made me take a good look at what's outside (and inside) that makes the world seem kinda scary, and showed me the way to see things as they really are. Suddenly - the world doesn't seem so big and scary, and I don't feel so helpless and small. As a matter of fact, I feel like a Super Hero...I look in the mirror and see a confident, beautiful, talented person, and amazingly enough - others have started seeing me that way too.”
- Ana Rey


"You have no idea how much our talk (coaching) has helped me. It's making a HUGE difference. Not only do you give the most beautiful advice but also the most practical and loving! Thanks again - you are a true-life line!"
- Sarah Vienot


"Coaching with you is like having the World's Most Truthful Cheerleader on your side during the Big Game of your life. She is supportive, practical, and relentlessly optimistic. Me, Before Coaching: overworked, underpaid, confused, often sad. Me, After Coaching: richly rewarded, relaxed, clear and only sad when something sad happens."
- Samantha Bennett


"I was thinking of you and wanted to hug you. Because I’m back where I was years ago when I almost approached this moment and then backed away. And I know I’m never backing away again. And a lot of that has to do with you. Thank you so much for being you, for being so smart and perceptive and genuine and giving. Thank you so much."
- Christopher Kubasik


"I want to thank you for the wonderful session we had. I felt such a sense of peace, that for the first time in years I took a short nap…It might sound funny to you but it was a real first for me. I felt like it was okay to rest. I also feel grateful to have you in my life – in my corner, as a “fan”. It’s a new feeling for me – what a treat!”
- Marsha Jan


"Having you as my Life Coach was one of the best things I ever did for myself. When I went to you I was at a crossroads in my life. Both professionally and personally I was struggling to find my way. Your empathy, kindness and tough love were just what I needed to get me back on track. Sometimes playing the role of good friend, sometimes Mother Earth, you always knew exactly just what I needed at every turn. The way you were able to look at every problem without judgement and hold my hand as I solved my own problems was invaluable to me. I am now happy to report my career is back on track and personally life couldn't be better. I now have a happy husband and a new, happy 5 month old baby boy!!!!! I don't know where I would be be now without your guidance. You truly are quite gifted at helping people find their way!!"
- Irene Tassiopulos-Lyle


"You are a superstar! Hot ticket, no kidding! You have been instrumental in my wins and hurdles this journey. I’m so grateful for the universe sending me your way. The ropes course day was amazing how you stayed focused on coaching me and being present... Thank you."
- Meaganne McCanndes


"You are a combination of rock solid support, honesty and encouragement-with-a-kick! Your positive energy is comforting and contagious. I decided to invest in a Life Coach because I was ready to 'grow forward'. I was ready to do the work and you held me accountable with out telling me what I should or shouldn't do. Instead, you provided me with the tools I needed to make self-healing discoveries on my own."
- Usha Chohan


"I wanted to thank you VERY much for your incredible insight and help during our session. You are truly a wonder! You opened up my mind to my decision and really helped me see beyond the immediate and into the future."
– Caroline Lenher


"I wanted you to know how much you touched my life and my heart. I am changed forever because of you. I will carry our conversations in my heart and will honor those memories with my success. You are an incredible coach, a powerful woman."
– SP Welchel


"I really appreciated the time and energy you took with me… You were so generous to share your time, your talent, and your skill with me. I sincerely thank you! Piece by piece things are coming together for me, and I am often reflecting back on what we discussed and the insights you shared with me – and finding they have helped propel me forward."
– Sharon


"Einstein says perfectly what you spark in me: 'There comes that mysterious meeting in life, when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be – igniting the circuits of our highest potential. I see this as an appearance of an angel and know it to be a moment of grace.' Thank you for being my angel."
– Carmen Thomas


"WOW. WOW again. I am so excited! Thank you, thank you for your many gifts, but most of all for creating the “sacred space” that encourages such “knowing’ to emerge from me and wrap me in its wisdom. My life has changed from this moment…greatly for the better. I am free to love and be loved for myself."
– Caroline Hanna


"I don’t think I thank you enough for helping me the way you do. You help make my life clearer, freer, and better all around. I’m sure you’re an angel to many. I’m just glad you are mine as well."


"You are a skilled, intuitive coach who quickly helped me focus on the essence of what I needed to do to move forward."
- James Schaller, President, Sound Covenant


"Coaching has brought me a Cheerleader; one who never judges, never criticizes, and always supports. She cares, digs deeper (even when it doesn't always feel good but actually IS a good thing), and makes me look at things differently. She has given me courage when I needed it, support when I needed to face my fears, love when I just needed to feel love and to remember to love myself, and the ability to realize that I'm human and ok, just as I am. "
-Frances-Victoria Cole, Human Resources Manager, 3-Com


"Thank you for your patience, persistence, and unending positive attitude. You have been a great coach and I appreciate all of your encouragement and for not allowing me to under-sell myself. I’m livin’ now, baby!"
– Maryann Udel


"Have I told you that you are fabulous at what you do? You have made a real positive difference in my life. I feel fortunate that you sprinkled some of your fairy dust my way."
– Sean Agarwaal


"I want you to know that I am definitely seeing changes in how I talk to myself and in my thoughts. It’s really very exciting, and I have lots of new and exciting things going on."
– Shelley Clark


"You are very warm/welcoming so it’s easy to open up to you. The guidance you give is non-threatening, but challenging. I really loved looking through my life trying to find extraordinary events and I want to create more."
- Marissa Kelley


"You make such a profound difference in my life. Thank you for being pure beautiful inspiration personified. After our session the other day the soreness in my throat was gone – it was remarkable."
– Carmen Thomas


"Through the one comment you made to me re: seeing me as a sexy woman. In my ½ century on this earth I can’t remember anyone calling me sexy! Through this sentence I have claimed ‘sexy’ for myself and the impact in my life has been transformational."
– Jeanne Korn


"I remember your describing to me early on that a coach is someone who “holds a place for your success”. Well, I can’t thank you enough for that place you held for me. It was with much support and love from you that I feel I not only survived this time here, but that I uncovered wellsprings of hope and strength. Thank you for reminding me and for daring me “to want”. I will strive to want as I now know that this is what precedes all the great manifestation of life."
– Sarah Vienot, Vibrato Naming


"Spending a few hours each week with you has been a wonderful experience. You have helped me to reframe the negativity that comes in. You've helped me find an incredible sense of peace and given me the tools to take action in my life."
– Ana Gabriel


"My coach gives me a safe place each week to go where I focus on my life and my spiritual journey. Her loving encouragement and support of who I am allows me to re-enter my daily life with renewed joy and enthusiasm."
– Maria McCann


"I love the way you/we brought up the main issue of leadership and vision-shaping a project... It's actually a HUGE HUGE deal for me ("I might be a cookie"), yet you landed on it as lightly as a bee on a flower. You are very talented... and appreciated"
- Sooz Fassberg


"I can’t tell you how enriching our conversation was today! I feel as though it woke me up from a funk... perhaps those gremlins get stronger when they’re away from you! Seriously, you’ve given me a lot of good “food for thought,” and I Look forward to next week already!"
- Tamara


"During the year with my coach I made a major shift in my life. I had a very hard time here in Hong Kong and I was about to lose my job, my body started to react negative under this extreme pressure. In the meanwhile I have lost my job, but the big difference is I see it as a possibility to realize my dream and values, which my coach made me to work out. She supported me during the difficult time of SARS and business closure, to be confident and in balance so I was able to lead and manage my people through difficult times. "
- Greetings from Hong Kong, Lissy

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