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Corporate Coaching Services

Corporate Coaching Events
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Corporate Coaching Events
Our corporate coaching events range from 2 hour to 3 day workshops, and combine team bonding and entertainment with discovery, learning, goal setting, and accountability to foster personal satisfaction and dramatically improve company results. Give your corporate event an extra jolt. Watch your team fly higher with the power of Electric Kites Corporate Coaching Events. Contact us to discuss your next corporate event.

Individual Coaching for your Team Members
Lasting change requires on-going support. One-on-one private coaching for your key team members will embed change and inspire your team to perform at their best. By providing a system of follow through and accountability, Individual Coaching extends the impact of your coaching event or internal trainings, creating empowered teams and lasting results. Contact us now for Individual Coaching for Your Team.

Ongoing Coaching Packages
All our Corporate Services are designed to be flexible, and can be combined to fit your needs. An Electric Kites Master Coach will work with you to design the perfect package for you. Put your company on track for success. Contact us now for a free consultation with an Electric Kites Master Coach.

Ongoing Coaching Packages
Also effective as a follow-up or a stand alone option, group coaching allows a team of people to come together in a neutral space with guidance to collaborate, get coached on progress, and reach as a team beyond their comfortable way of operating to produce extraordinary results.  Group coaching is fun, inspiring, and useful as a tool to train accountability and the art of possibility and of producing positive outcome.  It is also economical.

Ongoing Coaching Packages
In these one-three hour seminars, participants are taught a useful coaching skill (such as "Powerful Questions: The Art of Asking Questions that Create Positive Change") which they can then immediately use to improve results in their workplace or with their clients.

"Electric Kites Success Coaches are extremely gifted and have a nurturing, and supportive -- but no-nonsense -- approach to facilitating meaningful change. They are an asset to any individual or business seeking a higher level experience."

- Diane A. Golden, Partner - Katz, Golden, Sullivan & Rosenman, LLP

Ongoing Coaching Packages
An Electric Kites coach conducts a "lunchtime learning" session in person or via tele-class for 1.5 hours. Topics include: stat sheet training, goal setting skills, coaching skills for managers, and more.

Ongoing Coaching Packages
360° feedback is a confidential technique to gather information from a variety of people (peers, direct reports, supervisors) about the performance of a manager or team member. Information is gathered from all quarters in the organization in order to provide a rounded picture – or “360 degree view” - of a participant’s performance. Then a written report of survey results and an hour long meeting with a coach occurs where the results are presented and an action plan, which establishes benchmarks for success moving forward, is created.

"I learned some great leadership and managerial skills that I’m looking forward to using when I get back. The brainstorming and goal setting was really helpful, too. Really, the day was perfect. Thank you!"

- Ronia Tan, Controller, WestEd

Ongoing Coaching Packages
The Team Diagnostic assessment process provides metrics to paint a portrait of the team as a system and give the client detailed ways to measure and describe that system. It is an in-depth profile and an excellent benchmark and is built on a system’s approach to working with teams. The assessment is designed to reveal the system by taking the individual views of the team members and graphically creating an aggregate picture.  The profile and interpretation are enormously valuable in building awareness of the team’s strengths and opportunities, and they are the means for creating stronger relationship for the road ahead. The Team Diagnostic process involves deployment of an anonymous survey, a written report of the survey's findings, a day long workshop to present the assessment to all team members and a comprehensive action plan for follow up.

Ongoing Coaching Packages
An Electric Kites coach implements DISC or Meyers Briggs Assessments. These assessments can easily lead to workshops and a foundation for on-going private, group, or training sessions.


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