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Welcome to Electric Kites Success Coaching for Companies. We Turn Transitions into Triumphs!

When companies commit to
assisting their employees in staying connected both to themselves and to the highest values of the company, healthcare costs and absenteeism decline and productivity and retention rates soar.

Electric Kites corporate programs are designed to find the intersection between the company’s goals and vision, and those of its people, to produce the best work life experience possible for all. Electric Kites Success Coaching Client List includes:

•The Walt Disney Company
•Ernst & Young LLP
•Oakwood Housing Worldwide
•Ticketmaster’s Citysearch.com
•Katz, Golden, Sullivan & Rosenman, LLP
•Mader News Inc.
•Cookie Jar Entertainment
•The Naval Medical Center
•West Ed


Co-founder, Amy Ahlers, at the ReCHARGE Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland

"The EK Workshop exceeded my expectations. It allowed my team to articulate goals and structure a process to achieve goals."

- Ronna Goldstein, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Oakwood Worldwide

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