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A Worthy Goal
Select, Test and Commit to a Goal

Written by Melissa McFarlane

Select a goal and put it through the following test.
The following 5 Guidelines will help you to set and meet great goals.
Make sure your goals is:


  1. Measurable (Must answer “How will I know I’ve achieved this goal?” and “By when will it be achieved?”)
  2. A stretch (somewhere between “too easy” and “unbelievable”).
  3. Public (goals are more likely to be met if you have support).
  4. A “soul goal” vs. an “ego goal”.

Test your goal:

The goals you choose to ride to your happy destiny must be worthy. They must be your own and in line with your purpose. The questions below will help you determine if you are pursuing a worthy goal or not.

  • Am I the first and most important reason I am pursuing this goal?
  • Do I want to pursue this goal?
  • Do I believe I can achieve this goal?
  • Is there love in this goal?
  • Is there freedom in this goal?
  • Is there fun in this goal?
  • Is this a soul-driven (vs. ego-driven) goal?

You should be able to able to answer YES to all the above.

  • Does anything about this goal punish me (pain me)?
  • Was there fear present as I created this goal?

You want to be able to answer NO to the two above questions.

Congratulations! You now have a worthy goal!

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Content herein previously developed by Amy Ahlers and Melissa McFarlane.

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