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What if you NEVER put your
self worth & self love on the line?

By Amy Ahlers
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

I've been exploring this concept of when we put our self worth and self love on the line for the past 6 months. I wonder for myself and for my clients, how would our lives be different if we ALWAYS chose to love ourselves? If we never put the power of our self worth and self love outside of ourselves (because after all aren't we ALWAYS at choice about how we feel about ourselves)?

We see it in ourselves time and time again. IF I get the role, THEN I'm worthy of love. IF I make the sale, THEN I'll love myself. IF I lose 10 pounds, THEN I'll feel OK about me. WHEN that guy/girl asks me out, THEN I'll feel worthy. You get the idea...Where in your life do you put your self worth & self love on the line? What would changing this HABIT mean for you?

My clients and I came up with similar answers. Our lives would be dramatically changed for the better. We know we want to always be our own best friend, biggest fan, #1 supporter. But time and time again, we put ourselves up for grabs and GIVE our power away.

Try answering the following questions:

1) Where in my life do I consistently put my self worth and self love on the line?

2) How does this serve me? What is the gift of this habit? (Really look deep here. Your first instinct might be to say, "it doesn't serve me", but upon closer inspection you might find that it keeps you comfortable or safe, feels familiar, distracts you or allows you to have an excuse as of why you feel so darn bad).

3) What is it costing me?

4) What do I want? (Perhaps you want to just be your own friend or treat yourself the way you treat others).

5) What am I WILLING to do to get what I want?

6) What is a way to keep myself in check?

7) Finally, commit to doing it! Some people like to have an accountability partner, make the new decision public, or write a contract with themselves (i.e. Oprah contract!). Do what works for you!

Try the above and see what happens. I'd love to hear about your experience. Let me know how I can support you. You can even contact me and schedule a FREE 30 minute telephone coaching session! Here's to keeping our self worth and self love where they belong, with us at all times!

Contact: Amy Ahlers, CPCC
Co-Founder, Electric Kites