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The Incompletion Gauntlet
By Melissa McFarlane

The definition of completion is "ok with the way that it is and ok with the way it is NOT". When you have an event, situation or story you're ready to let go of, walk yourself through the Guantlet below to become complete.

Seven Steps to Completion:

1. What is the incompletion? What # does it rank on the completion scale (1-10)?

2. What is the story or the complaint?

3. Now, shift your body and close your eyes and ask, what are the facts or the truth?

4. What do you forgive or release?

a. Blame
b. Guilt
c. Shame
d. Anger
e. Fear
f. Other (i.e. Disappointment, regret, frustration)

5. What do you commit to?

a. Taking an action
b. Having a conversation/writing a letter
c. Creating a new goal
d. Other

6. How complete are you now (rank again 1-10)

7. What would Completion (a 10) look like?

Great work! Feel free to contact us for additional support to become complete.

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