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Our Mission
Electric Kites Success Coaching services enable people to move forward and get more of what they want in their lives. Electric Kites' mission is to create a better world through coaching, by providing a broadly accessible, affordable and comprehensive suite of Success Coaching services via the internet, telephone and face-to-face interaction. Electric Kites will become the one-stop-shopping resource for Success Coaching services worldwide.

Why Electric Kites?
The Electric Kite symbolizes the exhilaration of simultaneously feeling grounded while flying high. When you plug in to your own soul, your own heart and your own power to commit, your goals and dreams can truly take off into FULL FLIGHT.

"Melissa McFarlane listened with spirit and deep compassion to my hopes, fears, and failures. She then, with great care and precision, gave me an amazing set of tools for realizing my life's potential and empowered me to embark on my path. These tools should be shared with the world."
- Sherry Myers, Author, Screenwriter, Producer

"Having an Electric Kites Coach was one of the best things I ever did for myself. When I went to Electric Kites I was at a crossroads in my life, both professionally and personally - I was struggling to find my way. The way my coach was able to look at every problem without judgment and hold my hand as I solved my own problems was invaluable to me. I am now happy to report my career is back on track and personally life couldn't be better!!!! I don't know where I would be now without Electric Kites. You truly are quite gifted at helping people find their way!!"
- Irene Tassiopulos-Lyle

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Electric Kites also has an extraordinary Board of Advisors who are supporting the Electric Kites mission and vision. Please read more about the Electric Kites Advisory Board.

Please connect with former member and Co-Founder, Amy Ahlers, at Amy@Wakeupcallcoaching.com or 510.531.5424.